Friday, July 16, 2010

numbers game

if the average lds person gets married at...lets say 22(being a tad generous here) and and if they started dating at 16, you could say that the average lds person is only single and dating for 6 years.
i have been divorced for over 10 years in addition to the 4 years of dating prior to my marriage at 20.
this thought occurred to me the other day and i found it very interesting. fourteen plus years compared to an average of 6.
just saying.


  1. Eh, quit your whinin' I'm only 23 and already pretty much to 8 years. I can tell you now that I'll make it to at least 11.

    Haha, "But this one goes to 11..."

  2. i love spinal tap. i love the part where they have to bring the dwarfs on stage to dance around the stonehenge that built only 18" high.

    i really hope you keep blogging so i know if you actually make it to your late 20's w/o getting married. if you decide to stop, will you still come here and comment so i can keep track of you?
    ps-not whining! i really wasnt, just kind of came to me and i thought, "uhmmmmmmmmmm."

  3. An average age of 22 is probably a little low. But the average number of years of dating is probably about right (with the guys going on missions and all). I have been home from my mission for something like 9 years. Add the three years before my mission of dating and I have 12 years of dating experience. I know your 14 years seems to dwarf my 12 years but with an average of 25 different girls per year, I am over the 300 mark. Maybe dating isn't something you get better at with experience.

  4. I'm curious to know what the true actual age is.

  5. according to the average lds guy gets married at 23 and women 21.5. i was pretty dang close.
    is there anyone who truly enjoys dating? i mean, there are fun dates here and there, but the whole process is a drag. am i the only one that feels that way?
    tripp-300 dates? good night! i guess i am a serial monogamist and just cant see dating like that. yikes. do you feel like you have learned things? are you glad you have dated that much or do you wish you could just find the girl and all that dating is a means to an end?

  6. WOASM keys to dating success- "Quality over quantity."

    I've never disliked dating. Of course I haven't gone on a lot of dates. Dating can be expensive! There's nothing more disappointing than shelling out $35+(I'm a student...) for a bad date; it's like paying $10 bucks at the megaplex only to see a crappy movie!

    Personally I go directly against the GAs and do A LOT of hanging out. Hannah and I hung out and became friends for four months before I asked her out. Sure it lowers you number of dates, but it's nice knowing that the only "bad date" I've been on was that blind date where I was set up with "5' girl"

    And Noyb, I will definitely keep people up-to-date. If all goes to plan I will have the greatest blog ending of all-time, complete with revealers!

  7. who in the heck set you up with a girl who was only 5 feet tall? that is crazy.
    did you "hang out" with hannah exclusively? i think getting to know someone before you date is ok,but there is a definite trend in the church where men use the hang out INSTEAD of dating. maybe its a money thing, maybe its just laziness, but i dont think its wise to take the courting out of courtship.
    i personally thing that you and hannah will be married w/i a year. i dont think she will be in a huge rush, but after serving a mission, she will be ready for the next phase in her life and i think ultimately, you will want to move forward with her.
    extended dating will not save you from divorce. what you do w/i your marriage will save you from divorce. create your own story instead of being worried about duplicating your parents story.

  8. For me, hanging out isn't a laziness or money thing, it's more that I like to get to know girls before I decide to start dating them. It always makes me extremely nervous when I'm out on a date with someone I don't really know, and when I'm nervous around people I usually start asking boatloads of questions.

    Yeah... I have nothing against short people, I just learned, while standing in line for hotdogs that I'm completely uncomfortable talking to a fellow adult when my head has to be tilted downward to do so. I become extreme self-conscious that I'm doing so, which is why I don't, which means I can't look them in the face while conversing, which is a bad thing in my opinion.

    As for Hannah and I getting married within a year of her getting home? Hahahaha! Before she left I'd always joke that I'd have the whole wedding planned when she got home...

  9. when i started the whole on line dating thing i made it a point to "get to know" them via im and emails. then, if they asked for my number, i would give it to them and we would talk and THEN i would go on a date with them. totally backfired. this time, if someone doesnt have "serial killer" stamped on their forehead and they dont have a goiter hanging from their neck, i will go out with them and see it all up close and personal.
    i am so glad that a tall man feels that way about short girls. sigh. makes me happy. :)