Thursday, July 29, 2010

well surprise, surprise, surprise

mr nice guy emailed me yesterday. it has literally been months since i have heard from him, but i am not even going to let him open that can of worms. i wont reply to his email, but its weird because a good friend of mine was just asking me about him and i was telling her that i didnt think i would ever hear from him again. she laughed in my face and said "oh honey, it aint over." i really didnt believe her, but here we are, just a few days later and i got an email from him.
is the moon full or something? why are all these blasts from the past showing up now?
ps- i am renaming mr nice guy gomer pyle. it fits.


  1. that made me laugh out loud. i forgot he used to say that as well. i only remember him from the andy griffin, and even that was limited.