Tuesday, July 20, 2010


driving home tonight i caught a bit of a radio talk show where the host was asking who were the better drivers; men or women? i guess some study reported that 1 in 3 men are afraid to be in the car when their wife or girlfriend is driving.
personally, i think me do have the edge when it comes to driving and are generally better drivers, but if a man is bad, he is THE WORST. msof was a horrible driver. he had no sense of direction and would drive miles out of his way in some odd, random pattern to get to a location 5 minutes away in a straight line. it was bad.
i am an ok driver. i used to be a speed demon, but driving with my nieces and nephews has slowed me down a lot. i am not an aggressive driver unless someone tries to zoom ahead and cut me off when they lose a lane due to construction. then i am a BITCH. i will refuse to let them in, no matter what. 'you saw the sign a mile back telling you were going to lose your lane, dont EVEN try to squirm in ahead of me!"
i think its over generalizing to say women are just bad drivers, but we seem to do sillier things behind the wheel. like put on make up and nylons. it happens. it really does.

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