Thursday, July 15, 2010

weird dream

i rarely remember my dreams, but if i do, the memories are generally unclear and i can only assign vague feelings and emotions to them rather than actual details.
last nights dream was different.

my friend annie calls me up and asks me to do a waxing service on one of her clients. she was going to his house right then and wanted to know if i could leave right away.
we arrive at his house and we he answers the door, i am a little surprised to see how young he is. he truly only looked like he was in his early 20's, but i figured he was probably 26 or 27.
he invited us in and offered us something to drink. even if he was in his late 20's, his social grace matured him in a very appealing way.
annie busied herself getting set up and i proceeded to cleanse his face and start trimming his facial hair(this in itself is weird. you do not wax a mans facial hair. ever.). he seemed comfortable with this close contact and we are chatting and joking when quite suddenly he kisses me.
its like one of those scenes in the movies where the girl is surprised and might even resist the kiss for a moment, but in a matter of a few seconds the shock has worn off and i am leaning into this unexpected kiss(who knows where annie is at this point)and it turns into this amazing make out.
the next thing i know we are at a party. apparently he is somewhat famous in his field of work because people are fawning all over him, but he seems unaffected and i am even more impressed with him. despite all that is going on, he is paying a lot of attention to me and its pretty obvious that he is crazy about me, but i am kind of uptight about the age difference. it doesnt phase him in the slightest and he keeps telling everyone how we met and got together and how happy we are. i feel really happy being with him. it feels right despite the obvious obstacles.
this is where the details go fuzzy, but we continue on as a couple and are very happy. in this dream, i am dressed fashionably, but not in my normal taste. i dont recognize him from real life at all, but he definitely isnt my standard. really young, blonde hair(i usually like darker hair)and kind of skinny. he kind of looks like a better dressed skater guy. i never caught his name.


  1. Ha ha ha. Maybe you dreamt of me! It doesn't sound like a bad dream, so that is a plus. Dreams are so weird. Sometimes I will be doing something and it will suddenly become very familiar to me. I get this intense feeling that I have dreamt about that exact moment. I even get a little nervous that maybe something bad is about to happen. But it never does.

  2. maybe i did!
    it definitely was not a bad dream.
    i dont have de ja vu very often,but when i do, its very intense.
    you and your omens! :P