Thursday, July 29, 2010

so pissed off!!

at myself. i just ruined a cheesecake. i am so mad i cannot see straight. i could spit nails and all the other little sayings that convey that i am mad as hell.
i really am a good cook,but you wouldnt be able to tell today. i have made cheesecake a million times. i have tried a bunch of different recipes and they all turn out good. i have NEVER ruined a cheesecake. ever. ever ever!
i found this new recipe over at smitten kitchen for a new york style cheesecake. the lack of heavy cream and the addition of flour and the high temp cooking intrigued me. the pictures looked wonderful, so i wanted to give it a try. i am making dinner for friends and they love my cheesecake, was a PERFECT opportunity to try the new and intriguing recipe.
lets just say a freakin oven malfunction destroyed my cheesecake!!!!550 degree oven for 12 min. i dont think i have even had my oven up that high. it singed the crust, but i could salvage that. when i turned the oven down to 200 for the remainder of the baking time-it didnt take or i pushed a wrong button and i walked away thinking it was at a lovely 200 degrees when it was still at 550! i HATE electric ovens. i hate waste like that. sigh. i need to take a few deep cleansing breaths. maybe do some meditation or something.


  1. Ha ha. I once did nearly the same thing with a box of rice a roni. I was supposed to cover and simmer for 20 minutes with the temp at low and I kept it at medium heat. At least you screwed up doing something that was fairly difficult. I mean, mine was a box of rice a roni. I think most 6 year olds could probably cook them. You know what they say: Dont cry over badly burnt New York Style Cheesecake.

  2. thats just what i needed. the right mix of comfort and mocking that makes me laugh. sigh. i am calming down, but man! i havent been that mad in a long time.
    the burnt part was a very thin layer on the top and doesnt seem to be affecting the cake underneath. it doesnt look pretty, but i might be able to "save" it. cover it up with some chocolate sauce or berries or something.

  3. I know the reason you are so upset. It's because cheesecake is so dang good! Rice a Roni sucks! I haven't made that since I was in my 20's and even then I knew it was bad.