Wednesday, July 28, 2010

one .

is the loneliest number. or so i have heard. i can honestly say that right now, at this point in my life, i am lonely,but i'm not really sad.
i have always embraced being alone. i firmly believe you can be alone and not lonely, but i am lonely now. alone and lonely.
is this the uncomfortable feeling that will light a fire under my ass and make me answer the emails(only a few, but thats another post)that i have gotten on the dating website? will it force me to say "yes" the next time someone offers to set me up?
i havent completely decided, but i am leaning more that way that i have in the past.
admitting(or is it confessing?)that i am lonely feels kind of icky. like i am making it known that i have done something wrong or that i am horribly weak.
arent we all supposed to be so in love with ourselves that we can be constantly entertained without any company at all? i think thats what cosmo and glamour magazine would promote.
i am fine. really,i am, but i want someone. i want the companionship and the fun and even the not so fun stuff, just to have someone to share it with.
according to 3 dog night, 2 can be as bad as one, so.....

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