Sunday, July 4, 2010


i am going to stop saying "exactly" so much. i was listening to someone today and they said it a lot. it started to bug me and then i realize that i say it way too much as well.
i have noticed that when someone does something to really annoy me that i can usually find that i, myself am guilty of what they are doing.
why is that?


  1. Hey, we all have our quirks. My friend got me a shirt that says "Seriously? Seriously!" because I overuse that word. I crack up now because I hear Isaac say "Seriously" all the time.

    In the same sort of vein, I also hate when someone points out an annoying trait in others that you never noticed before, and then all of a sudden it's so obvious to you, you don't know how you never saw it.

  2. someone gave me a "whatever" i am not even going to try and stop saying that. for now, anyway. one step at a time.

  3. I noticed in my letters to Hannah I start almost every paragraph with "So..." My English Professor would be appalled be the monotony of my introductions.

  4. i attempted to publish a comment by waiting on a sister missionary who talked about his overuse of "so"... some weird error happened and it says its published, but is not visible. i hate that! anyway(another word i use way too much)i totally agree with him. "so" is SO overused. i know i do it a lot as well. now i am super sensitive to all my speech patterns. i am focusing on "exactly" for now. i think "so" will be next.