Friday, July 23, 2010

is this true?

i was watching christopher titus "love is evol" and he went on this rant about how women dress and he declared how EVERY man hates capri pants.


  1. My old BF Bill ranted about that constantly. And, let's be honest, most of them aren't really flattering on most people.

  2. I asked my husband. He said, "I like capris! You look good in capris. You wore capris on our first date." Ha ha! I didn't even remember that little detail. Maybe he's one of the few.

  3. I hate them. They make my butt look HUGE!

  4. ha ha blain!
    what do you think of them on women, captain hilarious?

  5. Okay, speaking for myself and a category of guys -- I really don't care about them. I'm not even sure what they are. I think they're the kind that go mid-calf. My daughter tells me that they never go much past the knee. I think they might strike me as a bit on the cutesy side, but I'm not sure. I don't remember looking at someone and going "Wow! She really looks great in those pants that don't go much past the knee!" And I don't remember going "Wow! She'd really look pretty if she wasn't wearing those pants that don't go much past the knee!"

    Unless it's something that obviously doesn't work, or is eye-catching for some reason (like neon or really tight) it's not something that's going to jump up into my attention span that much. And I can only pay so much attention before it becomes staring and the weird. Especially below the waist-line.

    I know this is the wrong answer. I'm more likely to notice what clothing says about the body its on than I am the clothing itself, if it draws my attention at all. Capris v stirrup pants v pedal pushers v culottes v skorts are distinctions I'm not sure I can make. Mostly, women who wear them seem to understand the principles behind wearing them that make them not-hideous, with the more fashion conscious probably making them look better than not. I might comment to my sister or daughter if we're watching TV and someone comes out in something eye-catching, but that's going to have to do with the specific thing than its category.

    I appreciate the effort that goes into making this work, though.

  6. i PRAY that stirrup pants never come back in style. they are a tall girl's worst nightmare when it comes to pants. capris(mid calf or a little lower)are a tall girls BEST FRIEND.
    i know you dont care, but...
    pedal pushers go just below the knee, while bermuda shorts are right above. culottes are like pedal pushers, maybe a little longer, but very wide legs. before i went to the temple, i loved skorts, but they are just too short for g's. even the modest ones, the longest they go is mid thigh.
    so many choices...