Friday, July 30, 2010

day 11-does this seem to be dragging on...

or is it just me?

11. a recent picture. i had one, i really did, but it was from an old camera phone. i thought i had downloaded it to my computer, but i cannot find it. a million other random shots, but not the one that shows me, but really doesnt.
i was kind of iffy on whether or not to post it. it shows my bare back. just the upper back. i have a swimsuit on. you can see the tie around my neck. nice shoulders and a tiny bit of a profile. imagine it if you care to.
maybe not being able to find it was divine intervention or something. its not that it was immodest...but i thought it might be just too "out there".
i asked someone about my concerns and he thought i was silly. i probably am, but there is something about posting a picture in a bathing suit. maybe its my mothers modesty speeches that were pounded into my head. i dont know.
the cool thing about that shot is that it was taken for other odd, random reasons that had nothing to do with this blog. i liked that i didnt take it for this specific purpose and that it was "mysterious". like me. ha ha.

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